Monday, January 6, 2014

The Man Named Ray Leyden - Final

The Man Named Ray Leyden, Part 7 - Finale

This is a serialized short fiction piece that we, The Rocket City Bloggers, are collaboratively writing for our Downtown with the RCB Event in January, 2014.


And now, back to your regularly scheduled Rocket City Bloggers serial...

...NOTHING!! "What the...?!?" Ray swore under his breath. Did he dare look up?

Suddenly, he heard a familiar male voice, "Oh! Ha ha, sorry man, I had that installed yesterday to trip one of our regular no-shows! Can I get you another beer?" This guy from the Clark Kent Room was proving to be a prankster much like himself.

Ray answered, "Yes! I could probably use more than one at this point!" As they walked over to The Brews table, Ray thought to himself, "Perhaps I was worried for no reason? These folks seem to be a fun group. Sandy, I already know, and now this guy, a rapper and a joker..." He trailed off in thought realizing the kind gentleman was holding his drink out. "Thanks! I appreciate the refill after spilling the last bit over there!"

He said, "Ray, it's your first RCB Event, so we won't tell anyone!" They both chuckled in unison. "So, you know Sandy?" he continued.

Ray said, "Yes. We were high school sweethearts; and, I was shocked to run into her here after all of these years! She always denied being such a big Elvis fan, but we all knew the truth. It's great to see she's found a way to share her passion."

Ray excused himself to visit the food table again, then he found an empty table at which to sit. He was so tired of carrying his journal, plate, and drink. Once seated, he used his journal to appear occupied while surveying the room of people assembled. "How do I turn these stories, my father's stories, into a blog?" he asked himself. "Who cares that my dad was in WWII? Thousands of people have similar, if not, better things to write about, so why am I so special?" As if on cue, a woman he had not yet met approached. She asked, "May I join you?" Ray pulled out a chair for her to sit and said, "Hi, my name is Ray Leyden."

She shook Ray's hand and introduced herself as one of the original founders of the Rocket City Bloggers. She continued on with a bit of history on the group, it started in 2011 through Facebook and Twitter then growing to monthly dinner meetings..."and tonight we hope to connect our writers to the community at large!" She got more excited as she explained. "Business owners and Bloggers coming together to better showcase this great city and all it offers!" she exclaimed.

Ray asked, "So would a historical blog have any bearing or place within this group?"

"Yes! We have Bloggers on every topic under the sun, both fiction and non-fiction. We celebrate our diversity through our common goals. When we succeed so does Huntsville! Look at Harrison Brothers, they were established in 1879 as a tobacco emporium then moved to their present location on Jefferson Street in 1897; and, Huntsville's history is preserved in other businesses around the area. Ask any Native, he/she will tell you just how important history is around here." She stood, "It looks like my turn at the podium! Great talking to you, Ray, please connect with us online; and, I think you'll find that you fit right in!"

As Ray watched his newest friend walk away, he stumbled back to his thoughts from earlier today. It had been an interesting evening; and, he was sure he had been nervous for nothing. He sat back in his chair, holding his beer to take a last swill, he chuckled, "Irony was a funny thing." WZYP 104.3 radio was gearing up for a flash-back weekend, and the last song on as he arrived that evening his favorite BTO song. He chuckled, "You ain't seen nothing yet..." With that Ray stood, grabbed his plate to discard and headed over to chat with Sandy and others standing in line for another beer.

Downtown with the RCB

The Rocket City Bloggers event is January 16 from 5:30-7:30. Come meet some folks, eat some food from The Eaves, enjoy beer from the Brew Stooges, and win some door prizes.


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